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        The management of EXCEL Ltd. declares its ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY, which is applied and maintained at all levels of the company.

        Management is committed to pursuing its ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY whose main objectives are:

        1. Developing the production of auto service supplies as an opportunity to offer an environmentally friendly alternative -
        iron weights for balancing tires to replace the widely used zinc and lead weights.
        2. Regular collection and transmission for processing and recycling of all waste materials from the service and production activities of the company
        3. Worn tires (unsuitable for use) are handed over to a company that carries out processing and utilization to recover fuel. The products that are extracted from the process are: 
        /Liquid fraction pyrolytic fuel - used for heating systems of buildings based on liquid fuel. / High carbon residue - used as solid fuel (7000-7500 cal.)
        And as a raw material in the chemical industry in the form of activated charcoal.
        / Metalcard - contains steel and is used as a raw material for subsequent melting and incorporation in metallurgical products.
        Pyrolysis gas - used at 100% to maintain the process of burning in a gas burner.
        4. Implementation of collection and delivery solution for recycling of waste batteries and accumulators.
        5. Establishment and successful development of partnerships with other green companies
        / In Time Ltd., Zaharni Zavodi AD - Gorna Oryahovitsa, Shell Bulgaria EAD, etc. / to reduce the carbon footprint on nature.
        6. Include a sentence in an electronic hard copy business card as a last resort.
        7. Efficient use of energy resources and office supplies.
        8. Complete exclusion of all computers and industrial equipment at the end of the working day.

        The Declared Environmental Policy is compatible with the strategy and vision of the Management of Excel LTD for the future development of the company .............
        .... Cause we care!
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